Do not let your body stand in your way. It is a most useful tool for your purpose in life, which is to express your divinity—to express Love at all times—but when you forget that that is all it is—an instrument—then it is no longer an instrument, but an impediment. You are not limited by the boundaries of your body. Some look upon the outer skin as the border, just like the border of a foreign nation where you need special documents or permission to cross over, and so you remain within the boundaries of your so-called border as if trapped.

You are never trapped, except by your self-limiting thoughts. The body is not your true self. You are Pure Consciousness, created in the image of the Creator. Does the Creator have a body? Some continue to believe this myth, but it is not so. That aspect of you which is in the image of the Father cannot be seen nor touched, for it is Pure Spirit. It is your consciousness.

Consciousness has no boundaries. It has no borders, and thus no limitations. You need no special permission to travel infinite distances with your consciousness, for you are already everywhere. Once you realize this, my friends, you are truly free. Appreciate the body for what it is—a tool of expression—a useful implement to express your true nature, which is Love, but you, as Spirit, have no boundaries. This is the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.