“Patience is a virtue …” “All things come to those who wait …” More of your wise sayings, yet how many of you live by these words? Are you not always in a hurry to get somewhere where you are not? Yet when you get there, are you not already looking forward to the next goal? See again the words: “All things come to those who wait.” It is in the waiting where things happen. Stop now and wait, and while you are waiting, look around you. All that you experience now while you are waiting is the result of a seed that you planted during a past moment of waiting. So do you see how very important are those moments of seed planting?

Know that all you see and have and experience is the result of a cause, for all is cause and effect. What you do and think in each moment—in the “now” as you say—creates your future moments without fail. It is the Law. So enjoy the “now” fully, knowing the future you are creating in the now has no choice but to materialize.

There you will find the patience to sit back and wait, knowing you have already created your envisioned future. Yes, you will need to take action to help your creations materialize, for this is how things operate in your physical realm, but take action consciously in the now, focusing on each moment, for each moment is all that matters. The future matters not. You have only and always this moment. Live it fully.