Love unconditionally … What conditions are you placing on your loved ones? Why should you love without conditions? It is simple: because love is all you are. Call it Spirit … call it Consciousness … call it God … it is all the same energy. Love is the highest vibration of this energy. This is your Source. The higher you raise your personal vibration, the closer you become to your Source and reveal your True Nature.

When you place conditions upon the love you feel toward others, you are constricting the flow—constricting your Self. How many times a day do you look at one whom you claim to love and think, “He or she should not do this or that.” “He or she should not think that way or speak that way or act that way.” Who are you to say how another should behave or think? Each is on his own path. Best to concern yourself with your own soul’s development.

One of the fastest ways in which you can develop is by ceasing judgment of others, especially those most close to you—your greatest teachers—and sending them only love … loving without conditions. When you can master this key step—to love all beings without condition—then you will live as The Master … a most lofty goal, but one well within your reach. Examine your thoughts. Do you truly love others, or just parts of others? True love encompasses all parts without condition.