How many times do you doubt yourself? You wish to do something, to accomplish some task, to achieve some goal that lies in your heart, yet your thoughts hold you back. You may blame some external cause or some physical weakness, but if you look more closely, again you will see that all that is holding you back is you. You create your reality with your consciousness. If you think you cannot achieve some thing, then this becomes your reality.

There is a strange phenomenon among you … you often wait to be told by others if you are capable of something—a kind of waiting to be given permission to believe in great possibilities. Once another outside of you says, “You can do it!” then, and only then, do you believe. Is this not so? Have you not witnessed this in yourself?

What if you were to become your own cheerleader? If you were not to wait for another, but to tell yourself, “You can do it!” “I believe in you!” “There is nothing you can’t do!” Then, my friends, there would be nothing you could not do.

The truth is, there is nothing you can’t do once you place your full belief and intention on a goal, for it is the belief and intention which hold all power. These are the tools of Consciousness … the tools of Creation. Hold yourself back no longer. Wait no longer for permission or outside encouragement. Believe in yourself. Cheer yourself on. Reclaim your Power.