It matters not how a person looks on the outside, but how their thoughts look on the inside. True beauty lies in the thoughts. When a person houses beautiful thoughts, it matters not how the physical features are arranged or adorned, for the inner beauty gives them a radiance that cannot be denied. This radiance is like a magnet. Others are drawn to those who hold true love inside, yet often they do not even understand the attraction.

Do not place so much emphasis on outer beauty. Place your thoughts on your thoughts. This is your true make-up. Paint your thoughts with loving colors. Adorn them with the jewels of generosity and kindness. Dress them in compassion and patience, and you will be a model of such beauty that heads will turn, regardless of your exterior appearance.

The external is always changing … always subject to judgment. But that which lies inside is eternal—your spirit. It is pure love and goodness at its core … always waiting for you to awaken to this Truth and let your true beauty shine. You always control the thoughts which begin within and create the external. You need not fancy clothes and all the things you are buying. Create beauty within and be beautiful … without even trying.

Note from Suzanne: I write Sanaya’s words just as I wrote the poems from the spirit world ( – on a notepad held on my lap with eyes closed during meditation. To save paper, when I get to the end of a notebook, I turn it over and write on the backs of the pages. This morning as I typed up Sanaya’s message, I tore off each sheet of the old notebook I was using and put them in the trash can by my desk. I glanced down and the word “beauty” jumped out at me from the back side of the page. Keeping in mind that I had no idea and could not see what was written on the back of today’s pages, here is the poem that lay behind today’s message … a coincidence? …

Some things you do “in vain”
Acting from pure vanity
You do this without knowing
The thought of separation is insanity.

By thinking of your beauty
The differences do appear.
“You are more pretty than the next”
Is what you long to hear.

The beauty’s there for all to take
For Heaven knows no favors.
Surrounded by pure love and light
Every soul its beauty savors.

But just as on earth there are degrees
Of beauty to behold
Know that as you learn to love
More Heaven’s streets are gold.