Connecting with Loved Ones Who Have Passed is Only Part of the Miracle

We want so badly to connect with our loved ones who have passed. This is validated by the number of you who respond so positively to my online and in-person classes that teach how to communicate across the veil. When you make that sacred contact, oh my goodness, it’s a miracle! Yes! They are still here! And then what?

Well, first of all, then you KNOW what your soul has known all along: That there IS a greater reality and that you are inseparable from it. That love never dies, and at a deeper level, life is eternal.  

Yet, here’s the thing: Just as when they were here with us in physical form, our loved ones can’t fill ALL our needs, all the time, nor are they supposed to.

It helps so much to understand that we come here as souls for the full experience of being human and for learning to align with the soul even when these dense body-costumes we wear block our full awareness of who we really are.

So what does it mean if we make contact with our dearly departed, yet there’s still this underlying discontent? 

It means there’s so much more to experience and learn on our earthly journeys!

Many feel that connecting with our loved ones who have passed will provide a quick fix for our challenges.  There’s no doubt that it’s incredibly helpful and healing to make these connections across the veil, but that is only part of the equation.

To go the distance for our soul, workshops like my upcoming charity webinar “Shedding Your Skin” (this Saturday, Feb 20th) and my online courses “Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R.” and “Your Emerging Soul” provide something more …

They offer tools for TRANSFORMATION … for raising the quality of your consciousness … and that’s why you came here, beautiful soul!

And the best part? As you transform your human life from the inside out, then connecting with your dearly departed becomes the natural ability that it is!

That’s called a “win-win.” 

Heal your fears. Shine light on the places within where the light hasn’t been flowing. Find freedom from the ego. Learn to love everyone equally. Know true happiness. And oh yes, connect across the veil just as easily as flipping a switch. That’s how it works. 

I speak from personal experience.

I hope you’ll join me for this Saturday’s “Shedding Your Skin” charity workshop. Anything you can do to energetically shed your human skin and shift your identity from “only human” and truly internalize that you are both human and soul is well worth your time and effort. Quick fixes are great, but transformation? That is a miracle that is open to all of us.