What are miracles, but signs that reflect back to us in undeniable ways the power of our True Nature.

This past Saturday I gave a charity workshop called “Shedding Your Skin” to help you move beyond your fears (shedding your human “skin”/the ego) to freedom (the soul’s innate state).

We asked registrants for donations to support Homes For Our Troops, an organization that helps severely wounded post-9/11 veterans rebuild their lives. The workshop focused on the fact that we attract into our lives exactly what we need for our soul’s growth. In other words, our lives are a MIRROR of what we most need to pay attention to.

Thanks to a set-up from Spirit with one miracle after another that I detail at the end of the workshop, participation doubled in the last 24 hours, and we presented a most miraculous donation of $35,000 to this worthy cause.

One of the main topics of the workshop deals with how all of us and all that is is a reflection or projection of our Source. The subject of a mirror comes up repeatedly in the session to illustrate this point.

I enjoyed a beautiful God-wink the morning after the workshop. As I sat in meditation, I heard the following words from Spirit (which, as you will know after viewing the workshop, I also refer to as Joy):

“I would like you to get to the point where you look around only through the eyes of Joy and see Source reflected back at you. And as you look in the mirror as Joy-US, do not perceive the body as the being, but as the projection of Love, as the projection of THIS Awareness … yes, like this surge of Love-that you just now experienced.

How many can look in a mirror and feel such a surge of Love? For most, this would seem egotistical, but only if admiring the projection (the body). The goal is to get to the point where We (as both Joy and as Joy’s human expression) look in a mirror, and see the projection, and together proclaim, “It is good.” And We do so with the complete and utter knowing that We are creating this projection in this now-moment and loving our projection moment by moment. Yes, as We “Follow Me” in awareness.”

When I came out of meditation, a text arrived at that exact moment from my friend and assistant, Lynette, sharing with me a link to a new song by my good friends Karen Taylor Good and Stowe Dailey, who make up the duo StoweGood. The name of the song? “Loving That Woman in the Mirror”!

That is what I call “Divine Timing.”

I watched the video and found it so timely, so appropriate, and so beautiful, that I had to share it with you.  I know it will speak directly to many of you: https://youtu.be/4ZAGAuVRilA

I feel so blessed to be able to share so many “No Other Explanation” events with so many kindred spirits like you. The valuable lessons they have for us explains why Spirit pulls out all the stops to knock our socks off time after time.

The feedback from the workshop has warmed my heart and confirmed that, of course, we are all divinely guided. This video will remain available for on-demand viewing at www.SuzanneGiesemann.com/shedding. If you feel called to watch it, may it speak directly to your heart and help you to identify and clear out anything that has been holding you back from being the beautiful shining light I know you to be.

Blessings, my dear friends. You are so very loved.