A blind man sees the world quite differently than those with physical sight. He forms his impressions by attuning more greatly to his other physical senses. In this way, his perceptions are what you might consider impaired. But why are his perceptions any less valid than one who uses yet other forms of sensing with the body alone?

We wish you to know that any human being who forms his perceptions based solely on input from the physical senses is a blind man. The body is a useful tool for operating in the physical world, but that world is only a temporary existence. You exist in another world side by side, here and now, yet you are blind to this higher existence if your sole focus is on the physical. Shift your focus, my friend. Walk each moment with soul focus and expand your perceptions infinitely.

See Reality with the eyes of the soul—with the heart—and all Wisdom, Power, and Love will be yours. These attributes lie within you now, for they are the attributes of your Source, but dimmed they are until you shine the light inward instead of focusing only outward. Be not blind to Reality. See with the soul and your path will be clear.