You have a pledge you learned as a child: “One nation, under God, indivisible …” You, my child are like this nation—one being, under God, indivisible. You are the ocean and the wave. You are the sun and the sunbeam. You are the forest and the tree, the tree and the twig. It is true, the twig would die if separated from the tree. The tree, standing alone, loses its identity with the forest. The sunbeam and the wave are yet closer to their source, for it is impossible to separate the two from their source.

Are you beginning to understand your relationship with YOUR Source? You try to stand alone—to believe yourself independent, but you can only stand alone for but a short while. What is the Source of the water you drink, the food you require, and the air you breathe? What is the Source of your companionship? What is the Source of your very thoughts?

You cannot live without breathing, yet we ask you … who BREATHES you? And when you cease breathing and find you still exist, it is that very thought –the realization that you exist—that is of your Source as well. The Creator thinks through you, breathes through you, loves through you. Who LOVES you? Your indivisible God.