Pickles … a strange word to hear in your meditation … but what are they?  Fine vegetables mixed with a bit of vinegar or perhaps a bit of sugar, to create a pungent taste which some enjoy.  All beings have different tastes.  Some like sour, some sweet.  These you derive from adding ingredients to the mix.
Your life is like this – a basic good ingredient to which you add flavorings.  Some days are sweet, others sour.  Some events are to your liking, others not, yet do you not revel in the variety?  Know that whether or not your day is sweet or sour, beneath it all lies basic goodness.  In the case of Life, that goodness is Spirit, and Spirit is Love.  It is you who adds the flavorings.  May they be to your liking, and if not, know that you always have the choice to change them.
You do laugh at our choice of analogy today,
But we dare say,
You will never again view
A pickle in the same way.