Forever is a long time in your limited thinking.  But forever has nothing to do with time.  It is time which has limits.  It is Spirit which is limitless.  Spirit exists everywhere at once.  In such a state, there is no time or place.  Spirit simply IS, and you are Spirit.  So why do you perceive a world of time?  It is an artifice, allowing you to experience each now-moment in succession in order to learn from them.  In the world of pure spirit, we pick and choose our now-moments.  You in human form must watch them unfold from A to Z.  In the spirit world, we choose to experience N or O or W, or perhaps Z to A, or perhaps the entire alphabet at once, for the entire alphabet which we use now as an example already exists.  All exists, for all is Spirit.
Forever is not a long time at all, when time is only an illusion.  You exist.  It is as simple as that.