Last night I met with Nancy Gratta, the woman who predicted this whole new way of communication for me. She confirmed what I’ve been sensing – that there’s a whole group coming through, as evidenced by the different styles and messages each time. Today is a perfect case in point …

#8. 21JUL09

Take flight
At night the dark gives fright
But know
We go
To sleep to rest
But short of height
We stop and wait for fate
To call
And fall
Like drops of rain
But heed our warning
In the morning
Comes the truth
Contemplate your fate
Forget the mass of men
Who march in lines of ten
Their way brings no release
No peace
Shallow graves hold bones
No gains are made with guns
You’re the ones
Who fight and quarrel
Without sorrow for tomorrow
But if two would stop and see
That love’s the way to harmony
Gone would be the need to fight
For what you think is right
War no more
No score
Just love
Hawk or dove
There’s no choice
One’s the way
Just pray
Today, I say
Be gay
And dance
Instead of shooting
Taking what belongs to others
Be ye brothers
All the same
This is no game
Know these truths
There’s little time
Step in line
Be mine