Upon reflection, you realize that you were wrong. Upon reflection, the hurt you caused another is shown to you. In another’s eyes what do you see, but your reflection? Do you not see that all of you suffer the same pain, the same grief, the same emotions, the same joy? There is but one Spirit. All of you are but reflections of the one diamond sparkling with billions of facets. You look at another and feel their pain. When you cause pain to another, you suffer as well … upon reflection … for you have hurt yourself. All is one. All of life is a mirror, reflecting its experiences back at those who gaze upon it until they realize that they are the mirror, themselves. Look into a mirror today. Gaze deeply into your eyes and see there the reflection of your eternal soul. If love does not gaze back at you, begin now to reflect upon the pain you are causing yourself by not loving yourself fully. Your actions mirror your thoughts and emotions. If your thoughts are not fully loving, clean your mirror until it reflects the full beauty of the real you.