Yes, you merge back into the One Source when you die. Does this frighten you? It need not at all. You merge back into the One Source each time you blink. You merge back into Consciousness whilst you sleep. You are one always with this Field of All Being that is being experienced as you when it blinks on and off. You do not disappear, nor do your loved ones who have passed.

Nothing that has been created is ever lost, for it is held forever in the arms of Love. These are all words. They cannot express the fullness of Being arising and subsiding, exhaling and inhaling, always expressing Itself as you and all that is. Is love, beauty, and growth to be found in the coming together of you and your loved one after you, too, pass? Then, indeed, Source will blink and there you shall find yourSelves face to face. You can breathe now. You are forever being breathed as the very outbreath of God.

You are so very loved.