Okay, we’re on to something here … I sat down this morning to meditate, hoping I would have a similar experience as yesterday. They didn’t let me down. Once again, the words flowed. The following is exactly as it came out. No re-writes. No long pauses, because there was no need to think. In fact, the few times I DID think, the flow stopped. Again, all of this in just a few minutes time… (Note that some of the very poetic words at the end are words that COMMANDER Giesemann would NEVER write in HER poetry!!!) :-) All the more evidential to me…

MY THOUGHTS: Once again, as I was taking the notes I thought that this was “stupid” – that it would sound contrived. I was shocked when I opened my eyes and saw how many pages I’d filled. Then, when I transcribed it onto the laptop I got goose bumps. Reading it as a whole, I know I didn’t do this.
The message I take from this today is to not ask the questions. To let them tell me what they want me to know. And yes, I hear them: take it easy. We have lots of time. Awesome. Simply awesome.My question at the start: What would you like me to share with the audience at the Open Doors classroom this Saturday? (I tried setting my laptop in my lap, but felt rushed. My fingers were twitching like crazy.)

Do not worry the words will come.
We will not stop ‘til our work is done
For on this day we start anew
The information we’ll give to you.

This is a method that works well for us.
In us you have full faith and trust.
Blessed is he who knows the truth
Of light and love and …
 (Here I felt as if my rational mind was grasping for a word)

Get your thoughts out of the way
It’s ours to speak to you today.
Hurry, hurry … don’t you worry
We have the time, no need to scurry.

For this is wisdom that’s meant to share
There’s time for all. Just don’t you care.

I SWITCH NOW TO PEN AND PAPER (Typing instead of writing didn’t feel right). I asked: “What can I tell people about the topic that we’re all spiritual beings now?”

As spirit beings you’re free to fly
The love inside you tells you why
For this is sacred work you do
It’s out of love we come to you

Fear not that words will leave you dry
We have the time, no need to try.
We’re glad you took the time to know us
Slow down, fear not, don’t order: “show us”

So here’s the story, write it down
You have a history as a clown
You laugh and cry and share a drink
No time to stop to care or think

But in the silence, that’s the place
To find the truth in quiet space.
The need to stop and spend some time
Is what will send you … (hit a wall here)

Feel the love within your heart
That’s the place you need to start.
To know that all are made of this
The spirit’s what will bring you bliss.

Never doubt that we are here
Think of us and we’ll draw near
For this is what we’ve come to do
To share our thoughts with all of you.

Write them down as fast you will
There’s more to come, more wisdom still.
For this our work has just begun
Relax, breathe deep and have some fun

Don’t worry that the thoughts are yours
It’s ours to put the song to verse
For now take leave, we bid farewell
There’s time for more, you’ll do quite well.

You laugh because we talk with mirth
No need for dourness in our work

We’ll give you what you need to know
Relax, slow down, let’s take it slow.
Don’t ask – we’ll tell you when time is right
No need to stay up half the night

Dear one, we’ll never leave you worry
Slow down, relax, there is no hurry
No lack of knowledge do we bring
Rejoice, it’s you our praises will sing

For this is sacred work indeed
To come to those in need
With words of love and truth and beauty
This we say is your new duty

Take a pen and write the prose
That’s sweet and fragrant like a rose
For nothing is as sweet as love
That comes and settles like a dove
To softly whisper in the ear
Hear me, darling, I am near.

For God is not on clouds above
It’s in your heart – pure, simple love
Go inside to find this treasure
Nothing brings us greater pleasure
To know you’ve found the truth of life
That love is what will make things right.