This, in my opinion, is the most beautiful poem so far. The rhythm and rhyming and the overall feel is totally different. The process of receiving the words was the same (see the entry: “The Poetry Begins”)

Please feel free to leave your comments and interpretations.


Foremost in our minds we share the words…
Every tree that grows is sacred.
Every branch a piece of the whole.
For in this world the heart is naked
Without the divinity of the soul.

Hear, oh blessed children, these
Our words which speak of hope
For all within His keep.
Kiss the sky, the earth, the dew
It’s all the same form when it’s new.

Certain as the sun will rise to bathe the earth
Free your hearts of pain and laugh with joy and mirth.
For there is little need for sorrow
Never fear the morrow
For God will light the way.

Blessed are we all this day
For we can bow our heads and pray
To give our thanks for life and love
That lives within and also above.

Try to see the glory
In the dawn.
Fix your eyes to see the fawn
And all the creatures of the earth
Who give to us from birth
The signs that heaven’s here where WE are
Not some far off cloud or star

Certain as the sun will rise
Sure as clouds fill up the skies
The heaven that we long to find
Is here within our very mind.
It’s there for those who stop and listen

For us the noise of life it
Fills our heads with strife
When on the star doth glisten
Light reflected in our thought
Of kindness truth and love.

Glory! Glory! Tell the story,
Never let it die.
That there is life beyond this earth
For all – for you and I.

See the life forever after
Know that it is real.
For you are meant to carry on
And do your best to heal
The pain of those who know not yet
These truths we carry forward.

Carry not your troubles far
Keep them there, held close at heart
The fact is that they play a part
Of greater things which you know not.
A bigger picture… grand’s the plot.
A tiny fraction you do see

Of God’s impressive majesty.
But as your soul progresses further
More’s the truth you learn.