Today I paused to meditate shortly in the car before going inside to give my presentation for the Open Doors Classroom in Quincy, MA. I didn’t expect to receive a poem because I felt a bit rushed. My brain settled right down and I felt the unmistakable lightness and presence of spirit. When my finger started twitching, I was glad I had pen and paper nearby. Reading it later as I typed it, I found it strange that the poem started with “post it here” – considering that I now intend to post these poems on my blog. As always, there are discrepancies, odd word choices, and lines that don’t rhyme (that’s my type-A personality wanting everything to be perfect), but considering the source and the method of receiving this information, I guess that’s okay… ;-)

Post it here for all to see
These our words of liberty
Here’s the message of the day
Hear the words I have to say.

Fly away on wings of gold
Take the leap, fly high, be bold.
Soar… the hawk does circle high
His path above the mighty sky.

Two can be the same as three
When all the power they rest in me.
For I will give them strength and courage
With my wings they’ll not discourage.

Hope rests in the heart
Here is where you start.
Try. Fly. Stand by…
Your thoughts alone will not get by

Forsake the proud and mighty ego
It knows not how or when do we go
Up towards the heavens with the words like birds
We fly and try, ne’er to die.

So long as air doth lift our wing
We sing the sweet words and beauty bring
To all who long to be set free
From earthly bonds which limit thee.

Soar high, soar low
There’s miles to go.
But you will have true faith and glory
When you listen to the story.

It’s a tale of love
That does not stop with pain
But with His name
With love upon the lips of all who speak of kindness, truth, and light.

Thanks to Vicki, Bob, and the wonderful people at the Open Doors Classroom for your kindness today and your openness when I shared the first five poems. More to follow … with love.