While cleaning out my tote bag last night after a very special day with the Open Doors Classroom group, I came across notes I’d written the week before at the Angels by the Sea book store. If you haven’t read about the message given to me that night by store owner Nancy Gratta, please see the first post entitled, “The Poetry Begins.” I had forgotten that I’d written some of the words Nancy said as she was telling me what the spirits had told her during my presentation. Nancy had said, “They’re going to continue to give you such proof.” (They certainly are.) and “Your life is of service … this is a new way.” (It certainly is!)
I shared the poems with Michael Tymn, author of The Articulate Dead (an excellent book that examines several of the best mediums of yesteryear and the scientific research surrounding them). Michael is the vice president of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies. He found the poems interesting and intriguing and thanked me for “coming out of the closet” (as a medium). (My friend Janis said that her “outing” felt kind of funny at first, so she made a joke about it, that “she used to be a small, but now she’s a medium”!) I needed that.

Mike referred me to an encyclopedic article he wrote about automatic writing (http://redpill.dailygrail.com/wiki/Automatic_writing). Here’s a quote from Mike’s article: “Automatic writing differs from direct writing and inspirational writing. In the direct writing phenomenon, the writing instrument moves without any human touching it.” (That is NOT happening with me. I am most definitely moving the pen). “Inspirational writing involves a somewhat passive state in which the writer supposedly collaborates, knowingly or unknowingly, with an advanced spirit entity in delivering enlightened messages or essays. There appears to be considerable overlap between automatic writing and inspirational writing.

I don’t know what this is … I am definitely in a passive, yet receptive state. My eyes are closed. I feel the spirits’ energy blend with me. I am aware of their distinct presence, male and female, and when it switches. My finger begins to twitch and dance before I pick up the pen. My facial muscles twitch and I “feel” the way these spirits looked. Then I ask them to give me a poem and I wait. Within seconds I hear a word clairaudiently. I write it down. Then the words come one after another. This is no different than when I’ve given my first tentative readings and I’ve heard messages for my sitters. The words are very subtle – hardly different than my own thoughts, yet somehow I know they’re not mine. With the poems, I deliberately keep my rational mind out of it and simply record what I’m hearing without interpretation. After I write two or three words I’ve already forgotten them as I place my focus on receiving the next words.

It is very obvious to me when the spirit is finished “dictating.” The presence withdraws and there’s almost an empty feeling. I set my pen down and return to a normal waking state. Then I take my notes to my laptop and type up what is on the pages. Every time I have been surprised and awed at what I see on the screen before me.