It is all one big web.  Have you not heard this before?  Just as you have friends here and you reach out to each other from time to time and enjoy the synchronicities when you were thinking the same thing, the same thing happens across the veil.  Just because you no longer have a body does not mean that the same kind of thoughts-intersecting does not continue to happen.  And when two thoughts have intersected, they can always do so again.  It is one tangled web of Consciousness, yet quite orderly, actually.  Pay attention to the strands and pull the strings.  In a way, Source is pulling your strings, yet you can act on your own should you choose.  Choose well, why don’t you.  Make the choice to see how interconnected you all are, and send each other love.   That love is most certainly coming your way from the more deeply imbedded levels of the web.  You are so very loved.