Yours is a world of infinite possibilities, bursting with potential. Do you feel despair? Are you discouraged? If so, you have shut yourself off from realizing the Truth—that all the world is yours. Your dreams can come true. We speak now not of the fancy car or larger home, but your dreams of finding peace, joy, and love. Of these elements there is no shortage—not in your world, nor any other.

Open your mind, but most especially your heart, to the Truth that you are deserving of all the love the world has to bestow upon you. You are the most worthy being in the Universe, as are all of your brothers and sisters. No one is spared this gift, but one must be open to receive it. How do you open to love? Again we repeat: by knowing you are worthy of receiving it. It comes not from others, but from your Higher Self, which is eternally yours. Ask and ye shall receive this most blessed gift that is waiting to be bestowed upon you.