Every breath you take is by the will of God. Every thought you have is by the will of God. You are co-creators. Nothing you do is a solitary action. Yes, you do have so-called “free” will, but even this is by the will of God. If your Creator did not wish for you to take a certain action or have a certain thought, that thought or action would be impeded like a parent reaching out and gently steering the child in another direction … no matter how will-full the child.

You think that when you exert your will that you do so solely. This is a misperception, for naught occurs without the assistance of God. Imagine how very easily all would flow in your life if you lived by the mantra, “Thy will be done.” Then, my child, you would be in perfect harmony with All That Is. Be not as the rebellious child, but a full-fledged partner with your Highest Self.