Who is to say what is perfection and what is a handicap? Some blame God when there is born a baby that is not “perfect.” This is because you are making comparisons with a pattern … with a norm. In your world of duality, you judge all along a spectrum, labeling it good or bad, when at its essence all simply “is.”

The spirit is neither good nor bad. It simply is. It exists to express love. All matter is merely a vehicle for the experience and expression of love. If a body does not match the norm, is it any less of a vehicle for expressing love? Can it not be an even greater vehicle for doing so and bringing out the highest expression of kindness and compassion in others?

Look not upon an “imperfect” body with pity, but with love. See the perfect spirit-being inside which has chosen this vehicle as a way to provide a varied form from the norm in order that all may grow in love.