You speak of your birthdays and anniversaries and make certain dates into special occasions. It is the importance you place upon these days that does make them important. Some birthdays and some recurring anniversaries you make even more important than others, such as those which coincide with your numbering system of fives and tens. This is a system of using time which can bring you joy, but also unnecessary pain, if you do dwell upon what to you are painful events recalled year after year.

An event is an event, nothing more than an opportunity to learn. Once passed, it is past. Do not dwell on these events which brought you pain, if only to dig up painful emotions. Live in this now-moment. If there were no time in your world, there would be no birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate or mourn. You would live as the spirit-being you are and simply celebrate each moment for your existence, and for the opportunity to be loved and give love.

Happy anniversary of this moment of Life.