There lies within you a treasure so great, yet how often you ignore it.  This treasure is like a seed that needs your tending.  If you do not recognize it and give it light, water, and fertilizer, it will lie there as all seeds do, full of potential, but unrealized.  This seed is the Christ of all beings.  Do not let belief systems block you from appreciating the meaning of this word or the value of this gift.  We speak now of that aspect of yourself which is Godlike.  Not only was the one you know as Jesus the Christ child.  All humans have within them the potential to be a Christ—a child of God. 
You are this now.  This seed lies within you, but as we said, it does need light, water, and fertilizer to be awakened.  Your recognition of this potential within yourself is all that is needed to begin the process.  That is the light.  Your desire for this seed to awaken is the water.  Your focus on growing this seed into a fully-realized child of God is the fertilizer.  Tend to your garden, my child, and grow into the God-being that you are.