What is ecstasy?  It is a state of consciousness in which lesser vibrations are blocked to such an extent, that all you feel is love.  The body reacts with joy, sending a rush of good feelings to all parts.  The mind grasps at the flood of positive images.  The heart threatens to burst.  All of these reactions are naught but recognition, as if meeting a long-lost friend.  “I have been searching for you!” the spirit cries, “And there you are!  This is why I have felt so dissatisfied.”
The spirit knows the heights to which it can soar.  It longs to fly at all times, but the more dense vibrations of the physical world hold it back for a while.  It is the gift of these moments of ecstasy which give you the strength to carry on.  This feeling-beyond-words is your birthright, yet hear us well:  It is only a scratch on the surface of the True Self.  Could you but touch the face of the Self at will, you could not handle such bliss.  And so, we give you a taste for now.  This is ecstasy.