From Suzanne: I have to share this incredible photo – Here is how the sun shined in through the slats of our window shades onto the angel statue that I keep nearby when I meditate. I took this photo, and it has not been touched up at all. It’s as if the spirit world is trying to tell us how important our chakras are. I emailed this picture to several friends, including one who I rarely correspond with, but she popped into my mind as I was typing the email. She wrote back to say that she received the email just as she was writing a meditation about the first chakra. Coincidence? No such thing. I agree with her that it’s hard to look at this picture and not feel your heart chakra expand.

Today’s message from Sanaya (see below) speaks about sowing the seeds of love by sharing the truths of the Spirit. If this picture speaks to you, feel free to right click on it, then you can email this message from Spirit to a friend. Better yet, email them the link to this page. Have a love-filled day!