Sowing seeds … that is what you are doing each time you share the truths of the Spirit with another. You plant an idea in the consciousness, and from there it sprouts and grows. Not all beings are ready to support such growth. Their belief systems have caused their ground to dry up, but others have fertile soil just right to promote growth.

Do you see how you can spread love throughout your world simply by sharing what you know to be true? Of course you must be cautious and selective. We do not wish to encourage any soul to push their beliefs on another. Use your sixth sense. When you cross paths with another who is suffering, do not unload the bulk of your wisdom at once. These are seeds we are speaking of. Dole them out like pearls. “Do you know,” you might say, “that you can see this situation in another way?” And from there begin a discussion about compassion.

An example, we give you, but you have the best advisor you could ask for inside you at all times. When sowing seeds, speak as the spirit-being, not from the ego, and you will be planting just the right crop.