Undercurrents … a lesser vibration you do feel in the midst of interaction with another.  What is it that is not being said?  You need not hear the words aloud, for you can feel the energy of thought.  Energy flows in waves, and these undercurrents of lesser vibrations do disturb a relationship, for they reveal that full truth is not present.  Were you both fully aware of the spirit, you could hide nothing from each other, but yours is a world of secrets.
Why do you hide the truth?  You fear the other’s judgment, disapproval, or anger … all of which lead to a withholding of love, whether real or perceived.  The only way to overcome this is with love.  Send out your own greater wave of higher vibrations and wash away the undercurrent.  Be truthful with yourself and the other, but always with a strong foundation of love, and there can be no room for lesser vibrations.
Do not waste a moment of life being anything less than you are—the very ocean itself.