Dinosaurs roamed your earth millions of years ago.  They did come and go as species were changed and perfected.  Theirs was a very turbulent world, with fighting among each other and violent earth changes.  Much has changed in the interim, but in some cases, things have not changed.  Now you have Homo sapiens, and do you not see fighting among each other?  Do you not continue to see earth changes?
Do not be frightened or overly dismayed by either.  Fear and dismay only add to the lower vibrations of your earth.  Look, instead, at the progress that has been made.  You want change immediately, do you not?  Yet, look at how far evolution has come, and how long in your time it has taken.  For us, in the realm of no-time, it is the blink of an eye.  We can see the big picture and are well pleased with the progress.
It is all about the journey, my friend.  It is your focus on the destination of total peace and no disturbances that causes you frustration.  Do you not see that a part of you already exists in this perfect place from which you arose?  It is your rightful home.  For now, you are taking a side-trip in a world that is slowly evolving.  You, by emanating vibrations of love, can help in this evolution.  Do not dismay.  Be part of the solution by radiating peace and fearlessness, knowing it is all about the journey.