Be true to your self. Try new things. Experiment with rituals you have learned of. Join a group that looks interesting. Sit in certain positions. All of these things and more you can do in an effort to be more spiritual, but what does that mean to be spiritual? Does it mean that you sit in a church every Sunday and sing? Does it mean that you sit each morning and repeat a mantra? Does it mean that you repeat the same prayer 100 times in a row? You can do all of these things or none of these things and still be spiritual.

If a certain action or tool brings you to a place where you are more centered, focused within, and more aware of your connection with God, then by all means, carry on. If, however, your rituals, ceremonies, and actions are done only out of fear that should you not do them some ill will befall you, then you have missed the point.

Try new things as you like, but pause every now and then and ask yourself, “Does this bring me into closer communion with My Source?” That, in the end, is all that matters, for that, in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end is why you are here.