Search in the clouds or upon the ground …
What you seek seems ne’er to be found.
Perhaps you’ve set your sights too high,
On what some would consider “pie in the sky.”

You seek euphoria—a strong sense of peace.
From all your troubles you seek release.
Look all around you and what do you see?
That others wish also to be set free.

This bondage you feel is the human way—
“Trapped in your skin” at the end of the day.
But this is not true; you are free to fly
When you see the world with your inner eye.

True peace awaits when you close your lids
And do as the spirit inside of you bids.
Remove your gaze from the world outside
And place it where the heart does reside.

It’s there true peace and love you’ll find,
For these fine gifts lie inside of your mind.
And mind is eternal, as is the Real You.
Just close your eyes to find this is true.