You see the differences in others. They think differently than you do, and of course this is so. The world is not black and white, but bursting with colors. Do not be frustrated that others think not as you do, but sit back and gaze at the variety as if viewing a masterpiece, for that is what your world represents. How dull would be a painting, were it one solid color. How very interesting are those paintings with just the right mix of hues. Do you not see that it is the contrast that brings you pleasure when you view a painting? Focus not on one area of the painting, but see it all from a distance, and there you see the brilliance.

Your world is full of minds, all stemming from the brush of the one Great Artist. There will always be minds apart from yours—at times miles apart. Do not let this disturb your own expression of the Artist. Stand for your own color, if you will, knowing that each color holds equal value in the Artist’s eye.