You speak of love beyond words, and why is it beyond words? For words are limited. Yes, there are only so many words that do rhyme to express a thing that is not a thing at all—this thing you call “love.” It is more than love beyond words. It is love beyond worlds. Love exists in all dimensions, in all forms, and without form. It is the basis of all being. It is your reason for being. You exist to express love in all forms for the very purpose of experiencing love beyond words.

The more you express love, the more you understand Reality. The reality is that love is the First Cause. Love is the only cause. There would be no you, there would be no world, were it not for love. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Love, and ever shall it be Love.

Go forth and share what you know in your heart. Be that which you are at your very core. Radiate it in every moment and your world will be changed forever. That is how Love works.