Bitter blows the wind, and you pull your coat tight about you. You shiver to keep warm. What is temperature, but an indication of the vibrations around you. You gauge these sensations and give them meaning. Some enjoy the heat, whilst others revel in the cold. Is not all of life like this: relative … full of comparisons … up and down, in and out, hot and cold, like and dislike?

Yours is a world of duality—of opposites which allow you to make choices and to take action based on those choices. Do you not see that this is how you grow? Rather than judging another for their perception of reality and for the choices they do make, focus only on yourself. Pull your cloak tight around you and go inside, where choices are made. There you will find no cold and hot, no up and down … only silence. From that silence arises all. When in a quandary as to what choice to make, always return to the silence, where all choices can be made from a place that knows only love.