Failure is a human invention. As spirit, you cannot fail. As spirit, there is only experience. How you choose to interpret each moment and each experience is up to you. If you, as spirit, gave credence to the illusory concept of failure, you would not choose to return to human existence. But you do choose, for you know that there exists naught in the human world but learning experiences.

See not your learning opportunities as success or failure. When you view your world in such a way, you do create much anxiety and low vibrations. You can instantly raise your consciousness by merely looking upon things that do not go as you hoped or expected and saying, “Isn’t that interesting!” Then fill your heart with compassion for the human side of you which so bravely agreed to undertake this experience.

Yes, failure is an option for the human, but you are spirit first and foremost. As spirit—we repeat—you cannot fail. You are loved beyond words. Carry that thought in your heart and find the courage to soldier on in your human garb.

Note from Suzanne: As I was typing these words a song was playing in the background: “Even the best fall down sometimes …” (But falling down is an interpretation, isn’t it? Thank you, Sanaya!)