Why do you cry? You often hear it said that crying is a release, and this is so. Have we not told you that all is energy? Therefore, you have either a flow or a blockage. What do tears do, but flow? Tears are the conduit for blocked energy. Does not the body heave when wracked with sobs? This heaving is the same as when the body expels toxins from the stomach, only in the case of crying, all of your movements are directed at the expulsion of negative energy that has been stored and caused blockages. Why do you think it often feels good to cry? You are freeing blockages.

Perhaps you do not even know why you are crying. If you could read your tears as the carriers of energy which they are, there you would find the reasons … “Aha! There is my grief over loss.” “Ah, so … there is my compassion for another’s suffering.” And, “Look! There is my perception of the way another treated me. Thank goodness I have released this energy.”

And so you feel a bit “wiped out” after a good cleansing. This is a time of renewal. Treat yourself with loving care. The crying was a good thing. Is not the body the perfect instrument? Yes, at times it suffers from imperfections, but this self-cleansing mechanism you call crying is evidence of a good plan. Have a good cry now and then, and then get on with filling your body with love.