Kittens have such soft fur that you could sit and stroke them all day. Why this attraction? Because the human body is beautifully attuned to that which resonates with the spirit. Inside, you are all goodness. It is only on the outside that some take on the rough edges. Are you prickly like a porcupine, or do you have the soft fur of a kitten? Others note this, but note that this is only a false exterior you have erected.

Inside, all is soft and furry. If you balk at this thought, you are referencing your ego side. The ego is built upon many falsehoods, not the least of which is that you are separate from your brethren. Take away the ego, and what do you have? The kitten with the power of the most gentle of lions. Soften your edges and let the sound that comes from within be a gentle purr … a purr of satisfaction that comes from knowing that at your core you are Love.