Received from the spirit world in the final three minutes of my meditation:

You look with dread upon the dead,
Thinking it’s the end.
But there is far more to this life–
This message we do send.

Do not think that what you see
Is truly what is real.
Nor are the things you hear and taste,
Nor are all things you feel.

The physical it does not last.
Its permanence is fleeting.
This truth you’ll learn quite clearly
When passed loved ones you are greeting.

Another world exists beyond
The one in which you live.
But you can feel its presence now
If your attention you do give.

Sit quietly and ask to know
The world beyond yourself.
And then to you will come a sense
Of treasure beyond wealth.

A greater sense of knowingness
Will be your great reward.
For stepping out and trusting,
God’s bright light you’re drawn toward.

For now relax and trust our words
As your reality expands.
For trust is what this path you’re on
So frequently demands.

We praise you for your efforts.
They never are in vain.
So sit with us and worship
And much greatness you will gain.