Behold the blue sky. Is the sky truly blue, or is this just the play of light? It is the latter, for does not the sky’s color change quite frequently?

All of life is the play of Light—God’s Light. You are an actor in this play—not a puppet on strings, but one chosen for a most important role: to express the grand ideas of the play’s Producer. At times you distance yourself from the Producer and play your part as you see fit. When not in accordance with the grand design of the production, chaos erupts on the stage, affecting not just you, but other actors and the props as well. When you play your part as the Producer intended, awards lie in store.

So how do you win the grand prize? Ask the Producer to define your role. Have you had a one-on-one talk with Him lately? He is not a hands-off Director. Invite him to guide you as you act out your role in this grand play of life, and the stage will be well set.