You are advised to feel your feelings. When you do so, at times you enjoy the sensations, at other times you want to run. The not-so-good feelings are challenging, but you gut it out and feel them, for that is what you are told to do. Here is what is missing when you allow yourself to feel the not-so-good feelings: As you are wallowing in the fullness, find that higher state from which the story you are experiencing arises and talk to the story-self from this higher self. “You are safe,” you might say. “You are so very loved,” you might tell that smaller self that is here for the fullness. And that is all you need do until the awareness that you are always safe and loved sets in. And the more it does so, understanding now why all is always well, the less often the not-so-good feelings knock you off balance and instead become a welcome part of your wholeness.

You are so very loved.