Do you want to see your world with wonder? Step outside of the box you have placed yourself in. Boxed in—that is what you are … boxed in by your conditioned thoughts and actions. You are consciousness, constantly creating your reality with your thoughts, but like a mouse on a wheel, round and round you go once you get used to the motion, forgetting or not realizing there is a world of other motions available to you when you step off the wheel and climb out of the cage.

The ego likes its routines. Routines make you feel safe in your little box, but you are not here simply to be confined. You are here to create, to explore, to enjoy the wonder of creation and the wonder of being you. Look at the box you have created, then ask yourself, “In what new ways might I act, might I respond, might I dance today? Instead of going round and round on this treadmill, might I instead move side to side and there discover new joys?”

Step outside the box into the world of pure potential. Dive into the sea of possibilities and explore a whole new world.