All arises from the silence. Think of your music. There would be no awareness of music at all, were it not for the spaces in between the notes. It is from the stillness—the perfect calm—that beauty is expressed. And so, a note is sounded, and then another, with enough of a difference in vibration that the mind detects variation. And then another note and yet another is sounded. In your system, you have a scale which you do call an octave. Certain notes vibrate within this scale in resonance with others, and there is dissonance with some. Do you not see how all of life is represented in the sound of music? … variation of vibration … resonance and dissonance, and all arising from and returning to the beautiful silence.

Why do you think some songs attract you like magnets, pulling you into their beauty in such a way that your heart soars when you hear the notes and the beautiful chords? Are not you attracted to some people in this way? To some scents? To some sights? All is One, my friend—the vibration of Love in expression—and all arising from the perfect stillness in order to experience life in Its infinite forms … in the infinite symphonies of life.

You—in your current human form—are but one note in one symphony at this moment, but life is eternal and ever-present. The song is ever-changing. You are the note. You are the song. And where do you draw the line between the note and the silence? You cannot, for one flows into the other. You cannot have a song without both. You are intimately intertwined with the music of the Maker.