Every man will have his day (and you do understand the convention of the language—that when we say “man” we mean human being, and do not wish to exclude the women). Regardless … do not wait for fame and fortune. These are things of the material world. We speak now of that golden moment when the Light fills you so completely that you feel as if you could burst … when you are so filled with love of life, of nature, of your fellow man, and yes, of God, that you raise your head and arms to the sky and shout, “This is why I am here! To have this day! To have this moment and every moment that follows!” And then, when you have had this moment—your “day”—you can handle the valleys and those days that seem mediocre. Yet, are not all of them helpful in making those bliss-filled moments all the more special?

Do not worry if your Day has not yet come. Do not worry if it has passed. These days are all around you. They are Life in expression. Do not sit and wait, nor worry when they will come. Get out and live your life to the fullest. Love fully, with all your heart, and then, dear heart, your day cannot help but come.