Make your enemy your lover … a shocking statement, is it not? Why do you love some and not others? It is most often because some agree with you and others do not. Do not all humans have the will to choose their thoughts and actions? Allow them to do so. If all thought and acted the same, there would be no point whatsoever in having this life experience.

Treasure the differences in each other. Surely, it is obvious when some abuse free will and act unloving. See this with compassion and understanding. Forgive those with whom you may have disagreed in the past over some triviality. Oh, we hear you now, beginning to argue: “But it was not trivial!” We disagree. All is trivial except loving thy brother as thyself. And so, see the disagreement for what it was and what it is—differing expressions of the Love Force … differing levels of understanding of the Truths of the Spirit. And then, make your enemy your lover. What is a lover, but one you love without condition. Love fully, and there find peace. Love fully, and there find your reason for living.