Synchronicity … a word you hear much about when you are on the spiritual path, and one which you have more and more experience with the more you attune to Higher Consciousness. When two events come together in what to you seems a miraculous way, like the perfectly timed movements of your synchronized swimmers, you call this a synchronicity. It is these moments that show you the perfection of life and allow you to see that there are greater forces at work than the smaller self.

These are eye-openers, meant to fill you with wonder so that you no longer wonder, “Is there a God? Do I have helpers? Am I alone?” No, my friend, you never walk alone, and synchronicity is a gift from this God who breathes you … a gift to fill you with joy and make you say, “Can you believe what just happened?” Yes, you can believe it. And that is the point. When you synchronize your will with the will of your Greater Self, synchronicities become the norm.