Happiness is a choice.  Yes, there are times when it is nigh unto impossible to be cheerful. Perhaps you did not sleep well.  Perhaps you have a physical challenge that causes you pain, either physical or emotional.  Awareness is still present.  You are Awareness temporarily housed in a body.  What will you do with this awareness?  Begin by observing the ups and downs experienced as a result of that body.  With the awareness that you are not only the body, you can make choices that lessen the suffering and increase the happiness quotient.  This can be as simple as beginning with a smile, even if no other is around.  This is using awareness to supersede the body’s tendency to pull down the sides of the mouth.  You, as embodied Awareness, have choice.  Feel the difference when you make the choice to smile.  Does not the body respond immediately?  Feel it now, if you will, and witness your innate soul power.  

You are so very loved.