Just how real is this Source that guides us?  Just how unreal is this earthly reality?  The unreality is the thought that we are anything other than the expression of that Source …

I sat to meditate this morning and was distracted by a jumble of thoughts, mostly about earthly things.  I was aware of the presence of Spirit, but was having trouble focusing.  There was an oh-so-fleeting moment when I became aware of the guidance, “Pull a tarot card.”  This is a playful technique Joy uses occasionally to show me how “unreal” this reality is, by having me consistently pull just the right card.  It is uncanny that there are 78 cards in the deck with 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards,  and I rarely pull anything but the major cards—the “heavy hitters” of the story of the Fool’s Journey through life.

As I was given this guidance, I saw in my mind’s eye the Emperor card and I knew I was being given the chance for another “Hierophant Card Moment.”  In that magical moment about 6 months ago, Spirit told me to go to my deck and pull a card.  They told me they were going to show me how unreal this reality is by having me pull the Hierophant card.  I had zero doubt in that moment that I would pull the Hierophant card, and I did!  I admit I gasped aloud, and to this day I keep that card propped up on my dresser as a reminder of the wonder of it all.

Today, in this “Emperor Card Moment” I was in a different state of consciousness.  I definitely felt the doubt.  Could this really happen again?  Could this reality really all be Spirit’s Consciousness Unfolding?

I stood, went to the cabinet, and got the box of cards out.  I was told “Do not shuffle.  Just spread them out.”  All the while I did this, I had a sinking, disappointing feeling, not believing I would have that magical “Hierophant Card Moment” again.  I looked down and heard, “Pull that one.”  I turned over the card and wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t the Emperor.  I recognized the 9 of Swords as a card I had recently pulled when guided to help a friend.  With a sense of knowing this card was highly meaningful in this exact moment, I recalled that it signified thinking through things too much and giving in to one’s fears.  How appropriate.  I was acutely aware that was exactly how I was feeling as I had drawn the card.

Standing there looking down at the 9 of Swords I sensed, “Now shift to what you KNOW.  FORCE yourself to trust, and change what you are RADIATING.”  I felt that same growing sense of excitement I’d felt in The Hierophant Card Moment.  I felt the lesson in this moment unfolding.

With intention, I created the energy field of full belief.  I did not allow myself to doubt.  I sent out love from my full being and the Joy of knowing all is Spirit.

I spread the cards and this time as I looked down at the 78 cards I KNEW, “It is that one.”

I reached down, pulled the card I was magnetically drawn to, turned it over and said aloud, “Holy s–t.”

Of course, it was the Emperor.

Breathless, awed, Joy-us, and filled with the wonder of the un-reality of it all, I picked up my iPad that was lying nearby and looked up the meaning of the Emperor card.  It is all about being ready to LEAD THE WAY.  As I prepare to launch a seven-week online class next week in connecting with Higher Consciousness*, these kinds of experiences fortify me to “walk the talk” and teach from personal experience.  As Spirit has taught me, shown me, and celebrated with me over and over and over, we ARE Joy in expression.  There is only THIS … this Light, this indivisible field of Love. When we get our fears and human Belief Systems (BS) out of the way, all that’s left is the Light.

Sanaya’s daily message flowed easily after this vibration-raising experience.  Their timely message was all about the need to Trust this Spirit.  Click here for these important words that, when applied, will help us in every moment of our earthly lives.  Trust ME:  a simply shift in our beliefs in what is possible can produce miracles.  Being aware of what you are thinking and radiating makes such a difference.

I am so very grateful for the wondrous ways in which the teaching unfolds and for the blessing of being able to share it and celebrate Spirit with you.

*To enjoy a recent video interview and Q&A session with me that detail my upcoming class, “The Sacred Call of Mediumship,” click here.