The eyes water, the mouth yawns, for emotion must escape somehow. When you hold inside you much pressure, it builds and builds. Will it escape in a harsh word? In the striking out of a hand? Or will it not escape at all, but consume your very cells? Recognize when pressure is building. Feel the tension in your muscles. Feel the pressure in your head. Feel the aches and pains … the restlessness. All of these are signs of imbalance and blockage. Is not the body the most perfect messenger?

Listen to the signs. Pay them heed. So many walk in unawareness, ignoring the subtle indicators until they become a glaring billboard. Release your stress through meditation, deep breathing, prayers, exercise, and positive thinking. Recognize that it is your perception and interpretation of events around you which does cause the tightening and the loosening.

The body is a natural barometer. Measure the pressure from moment to moment. You control the release valve … the peace valve. The peace is found there inside—in your perceptions. Perceive the truth: that all is temporary but the one everlasting Truth of the Spirit … the underlying Love that rules the Universe.