Searching always for answers, you seek outside yourself, but there deep inside you there lies the knowledge that you seek. “But how can I know that which I have not been taught?” you ask. It is because you are connected supremely with all that is, all that will be, and all that ever has been. All exists as energy, and as your scientists have proven, energy cannot be destroyed, merely transformed. So transform your beliefs and accept this truth: that thoughts are energy, and every thought that ever has been or ever will be swirls around you and through you now.

With this understanding and the belief that it is so, sit and quiet the mind. The body is your transceiver. Ask to attune to exactly what it is you need to know. Ask your question clearly, then let it go. It will seek its energetic match and this will resonate with you. Answers are not always instantaneous, so be patient … with yourself. This is a new way of thinking and of being … connected.

Plug yourself in to the grid.