A knocking at the door does reveal a visitor. You peer cautiously to see who’s there. A stranger … one you’ve never seen before. Do you let him in or does he represent danger? Your stomach clenches. A valid sign. Do not open the lock.

This is intuition—an ever-present source of guidance. Intuition is directly linked to the soul. It is the sixth sense of which you often speak. All of you have this energy sensor. It is part of the True Self and is far more trustworthy than the five physical senses which try to make sense of an illusory world.

Learn to feel without the hands. Learn to see without the eyes. Learn to know with the heart. When danger or opportunity comes knocking at your door, tune in to your soul’s sensing system and heed it well. There is far more to this world than the brain will ever tell you. Intuition is a gift of the Spirit. Use it well and wisely.